lovely cloth binding, slightly foxed.

PLAYING CARDS The History and Secrets of the pack, W.Gurney Benham

Ever since buying a postcard from the V&A of the King of Hearts woodcut print on card I have thought about stitching some of the images from playing cards

.The Queen and Knave of Spades

Today at Emmaus I was handed a copy of this book, Playing Cards, History of the pack and explanations of its many secrets, published by Spring Books in 1931.

The Queen of Clubs

The illustrations are beautiful and I think lend themselves well to textiles.French and English Hearts

Whether my fingers are dexterous enough time will tell.

Happy New Year!


Christmas reading

The beautiful carving of Gislebertus,

the wise words of Russell Hoban,



the evocative illustrations of A&M Provensen

a&m provensen - Copy

and the spirit of John Burningham.


All under our tree.

advent drawing embroidery

day 14


The fourteenth day of the Moomin Advent calendar is open and I realise that we are falling behind with preparations.

               Image    Image    Image

Cat sketches for a Christmas order;  fox and cat cushions off to Northumberland soon.  Have decided there will be zig zag stitch in 2014.

Meanwhile the solar system is being recreated around me.


And difficult choices are being made; would 0.3, 0.5 or 0.7 width line be best. In the end Faber Castell Pitt F was decided upon



super food


It is the season of Brie and Cranberry

toasted sandwiches.


Good things


This afternoon I had an appointment for a routine check-up at the dentist.Image

Fortunately, after what Mr Mullins has described as a ‘series of unfortunate events’,  teeth have been declared fit and well.


Leaving me free to celebrate on Burleigh Street; the preserve of the second-hand in Cambridge. Daisy and I ended up in Oxfam where the sofa in the book department is comfortable enough to forget where you are.  Our choices piled up, and many Christmas presents have been found.


But I am keeping ‘Fables of Leonardo da Vinci’, beautifully illustrated by Adriana Saviozzi Mazza.



An afternoon spent watching Swans, Coots, Pochards, Lapwings, Moorhens and Tufted Ducks at WWT Welney.

We are lucky to have a WWT wetland reserve a few miles away. Sitting in the centrally heated main observatory watching the swans fly in from the fields onto the Ouse Washes late in the afternoon is a great way to spend a few hours.

When my Christmas orders are complete I will be stitching some wetland birds.