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winter sleep

Ok two weeks in and we are tired!  It’s a symptom of January, and possibly February; rather than feeling invigorated by a New Year full of promise we just want to wake up when Spring arrives. Image

However the reason for this post was not to illustrate ‘Daughter Sleeping Under The Blanket of Calm’ but to show you the most marvelous curtains that I found recently in Emmaus  (I do occasionally shop elsewhere but not often and never first). They are currently draped over the back of a chair that is in dire need of upholstery and general maintenance. The fabric is ‘Armada’ designed for Heals by Nicola Wood,1965,  printed cotton barkcloth all blues, greys and yellow ochre, very lovely.  I am thinking about using some to make this dress but for now am happy to leave them on the back of the chair.

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