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half term

It has been a busy week with blue skies, coursework deadlines, days out, tea and cake and kittens.


Two days drawing and photographing with students at SOURCE run by the education dept at The Fitzwilliam Museum.


This is a superb resource available to all GCSE and A Level students (and enthusiastic younger siblings) who are preparing for exams.


Museum staff and visiting artists  on hand with a supply of art materials to discuss ideas, offer advice and show how to


copy work in the style of Gerhard Richter…


A visit to Textiles In Focus at Cottenham Village College where I found more Crazy Zauberball at the Twist Yarns stand. Socks for birthday nephew in the pipeline.


And a laptop sleeve with an elephant  for a daughter – maybe even including some gold thread.

Oh yes, and kittens. Otis and Perry, after 24 hours, are very much at home.

embroidery family valentine

King of Hearts

I have completed my picture card.


A 10 x 7cm free wheeling machine embroidery on canvas                                                                     using Gutermann Thread and Acrylic paint.

‘Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that’s what you do’


I wonder if I like the back more; an abstract jumble of muted colours.kingback

Wishing you all love on the Feast of Saint Valentine.

embroidery etsy fox


Off to the post office for the second time this week!

Fox heading north west.

fantastic mr fox

Once again dreaming of abandoning the day job… but then remember my procrastination habit.         I have been told my focus needs more focus – this is true.                                                                             I am optimistic.

badgers embroidery etsy school

a new build and a travelling badger

At work exciting times are afoot, there is change in the wind, the art dept is on the move.Image

At 3.10 on Friday we donned wellies and were given a tour.  Everything is on time and on budget we were told by the Business Manager. There are some blue walls and some orange walls, there is an office, and a darkroom and a kiln room and a drying room.  There will be storage.  There are not enough sinks (budget constraints), the sink situation is being reviewed.Image

The suspended wiring was spectacular.


The ceilings are high, the light is good and we are looking forward to our new quarters.DSCF9401

Did I tell you about The Travelling Badger?                                                                                         Tomorrow he is flying out of my Etsy shop to Australia.                                                                                   Bon voyage badger!


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the best view in town

The whole team ended up here this afternoon.


Not only a mighty fine view but the best bookshop for many milesImage

and a jolly good cup of coffee.Image

Meanwhile, when I am not being distracted…Image

I am thinking about hearts and kings and paint and stitches.Image

Did you notice that proper looking blog link! Thank you to my most patient technical support department.