life drawing

life drawing



fabric mending pinterest wool blankets

sides to middle

I have lost hours, probably whole days, looking at images of mending past and present on Pinterest. From Japanese Boro, too good to waste and visable mending to things repaired so many times they have been remade completely.

mend 1

I found ths woollen blanket under a pile of sheets in Oxfam the other day.


I took my find home and spread it out.

mend 4

And saw for the first time the carefully mended patches.

mend 3

This blanket may stay whole.  Or maybe a pair of cushions sharing my work with someone elses.


Such careful invisible mending deserves to be noticed.

life drawing

life drawing



camh family knitting socks wellbeing

waiting room socks

It was during a long spell of waiting room time that I learnt to knit socks.

I hadn’t picked up knitting needles for years but hand knitted socks were being talked about a lot so I decided to give them a whirl. It is an addiction, everything you read is true; they are the most portable form of knitting taking up no space in a bag, they are not difficult, knitting in the round is the most comforting thing and they are true luxury to wear on your feet.

Not to mention the wonderful variety of sock yarn to choose from.


Today after almost a year we were back in the same waiting room and I completed a few rounds of the current sock. But, hopefully, this was a one off visit.  As well as learning to knit socks we have learnt a lot about wellbeing. Sock production may be slower but health and happiness are returning.

drawing family

a safe place

I have a new phone. It wasn’t a smooth transition. Thinking I could buy such a thing on a whim was a big mistake. After 48 hours I decided to cut my losses, return my impulsive purchase and start again.  But having explained my mistake to the salesperson, attempting to make a hasty retreat and pretend the whole debacle hadn’t happened, I picked up my purse and left my bag behind.

I don’t have a huge number of possessions to which I am emotionally attached but after 25 years this bag, small, impractical and beautifully made, is one of them. When I walked through the front door of number 24 carrying my purse and emergency chocolate I realised what was missing.

Driving at high speed (ahem) I careered into the car park and ran up the stairs to the customer service desk and gasped breathlessly ‘has anyone handed in a bag…?’ I felt an enormous wave of relief when the (very) young member of staff said ‘yes!’ she then asked me what was in it and without hesitation I replied ‘my husbands tie from our wedding day 18 years ago’. The (very) young member of staff was speechless, I don’t think she was born on 17 August 1996.


After a few moments she smiled and said ‘that’s lovely’.

Life drawing tonight, first time for at least 25 years! Nervous and excited.

elephant embroidery family tortoise

no gold thread

ImageAnother busy week and not a lot of sewing.  The promised laptop case has reached the nitty gritty stage of assembling.  And although this only involves some sort of reinforcing, lining and sewing side seams… you see I’ve already lost interest.  I just want to go and draw tortoises.DSCF9456

The end of that last post is badly worded.  No family members, immediate or extended, have any elephantine features.