elephant embroidery family tortoise

no gold thread

ImageAnother busy week and not a lot of sewing.  The promised laptop case has reached the nitty gritty stage of assembling.  And although this only involves some sort of reinforcing, lining and sewing side seams… you see I’ve already lost interest.  I just want to go and draw tortoises.DSCF9456

The end of that last post is badly worded.  No family members, immediate or extended, have any elephantine features.

By anna osborne

Living in East Anglia with my family and sewing machine I cover empty surfaces with scraps of fabric, search for treasure at Emmaus and the Red Cross jumble sales and take immense pleasure from making freehand machine embroidered textiles for the curious and discerning.

2 replies on “no gold thread”

I hope you find yourself returning to this……..but if not, it’s amazing and beautiful as is! I wish I could do that!


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