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a safe place

I have a new phone. It wasn’t a smooth transition. Thinking I could buy such a thing on a whim was a big mistake. After 48 hours I decided to cut my losses, return my impulsive purchase and start again.  But having explained my mistake to the salesperson, attempting to make a hasty retreat and pretend the whole debacle hadn’t happened, I picked up my purse and left my bag behind.

I don’t have a huge number of possessions to which I am emotionally attached but after 25 years this bag, small, impractical and beautifully made, is one of them. When I walked through the front door of number 24 carrying my purse and emergency chocolate I realised what was missing.

Driving at high speed (ahem) I careered into the car park and ran up the stairs to the customer service desk and gasped breathlessly ‘has anyone handed in a bag…?’ I felt an enormous wave of relief when the (very) young member of staff said ‘yes!’ she then asked me what was in it and without hesitation I replied ‘my husbands tie from our wedding day 18 years ago’. The (very) young member of staff was speechless, I don’t think she was born on 17 August 1996.


After a few moments she smiled and said ‘that’s lovely’.

Life drawing tonight, first time for at least 25 years! Nervous and excited.

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Phew! Glad you got it back, the sentimental value items become so much more important as we get older, don’t they?

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