family fundraising Kenya

can I mention…

In October Grace will be joining a group of students and staff from Ely Sixth Form College and travelling to Kenya for 10 days to support a charity funded school.  They will be building and decorating new classrooms, running multi-sports activities and cooking for children and assisting teachers.


In order to take part in this each person involved needs to raise £1500 to cover the costs of the trip.  Grace is planning a variety of fundraising activities – I don’t think she has booked a skydive yet; apparently it’s a height thing!


But she has set up an easyfundraising page where retailers will contribute a percentage of each online sale to charity.

So for those of you unable to  join her at the fantastic tea party planned for the summer, with cheese scones, Earl Grey, Jasmine and Jolly Good English do not worry, you are still able to contribute. Just click on this link  register, install the widget on your tool bar and treat yourself.

A sunny day at Hidcote.

Thank you xx

By anna osborne

Living in East Anglia with my family and sewing machine I cover empty surfaces with scraps of fabric, search for treasure at Emmaus and the Red Cross jumble sales and take immense pleasure from making freehand machine embroidered textiles for the curious and discerning.

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