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blanket appeal…

A weakness for Witney blankets means that for months the long suffering cast and crew have humoured me; never complaining/noticing  that every corner of our home is stuffed with wool. But now I am shocked to find I am down to the last, you know the one with the beautiful mending.  So I am sending elves to all corners of the globe in search of supplies.

And I am offering a swap…


If you can find and send me a blanket (wool only – I am quite particular), postage should be approx. £8 depending on size, I will send by return a cushion or two depending on your expenses, with beast of your choice. When I say choice I mean a beast we agree on, there are some critters I have no empathy with and therefore rarely work for me.  Blankets in any condition considered, probably best to email me a photo first, even the most distressed items are welcome here. If you are able to deliver in person even better, you will be welcomed with enthusiasm, and served tea and cake on the Moomin tray.

What do you say… up for a challenge?  I hope so because Plan B is vague and involves dust sheets.

blanket appeal
There will be regular Blue Peter style updates and a totaliser.
Spread the news people 🙂


5 replies on “blanket appeal…”

Oh thank you, that would be superb. You are starting the blanket ball rolling and I am off to make a totaliser! Think about a cushion you would like, the Gallery page has some more examples 🙂

Ok, I checked, I have two bluey grey ones which I’m fairly certain are all wool. they’re old youth hostel ones, I think, they probably need a bloody good wash as they’ve been sat in the bottom of a cuboard for 7 years. you want?

Yes please! Can you be the first to try out my ‘contact’ page and we can arrange delivery. And let me know which beasts of the field you would like on cushions.

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