made it!

All summer I have thought about Perry Green, 1012076_785915341465814_481139562215910740_n it has been my absolute intention to take a trip to see Body & Void: Echoes of Moore in Contemporary Art 1546437_785915184799163_1646857523339480061_n and I was mighty relieved to be there on 20.10.14, the very last day of the exhibition.

Richard Deacon, Associate, 2014

It was a great day, I love outdoor sculpture, seeing artists work outside the gallery setting is a glorious thing. 10636283_785915148132500_2862509079387022033_n The marks Moore makes are beautiful and not far removed from textiles… backs Enough talk. hill figure 2 mother rule of three figure with shield   details of all work can be found here. Photos mainly by Richard, I took one or two.

2 thoughts on “made it!

  1. This installation reminds me so much of my Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I think the odd one of these Henry Moores may have been borrowed from it!
    I find them so peaceful, solid but graceful all at the same time. I could look and touch them for hours.

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