colour please

There is a lot going on!b4

Yesterday I was in Islington with Daisy. Whilst I was trying not to get too carried away in Raystitch Daisy was helping organise AutismCon. We will be at Conway Hall on January 17 selling cushions and home baked cakes at what promises to be a great event, if you are able do come and see us – there will be free brownies for blog readers!


At the end of the day we met up in the Candid Cafe behind Angel tube station for tea, then the No. 73 bus along Pentonville Road to Kings Cross in the rain. What rain!




There has been a birthday. And I must tell you about The Giggly Goat but right now I have a pheasant and a border collie that need finishing off and some badgers to deliver so that will have to wait.

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