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something about which I feel very strongly and a bee

Autismcon happened last weekend and I found it inspiring and revealing.


The people who work for the NAS, the volunteers, the speakers and visitors combined to create an occasion that will stay in my mind. fen7

Roles were reversed and I felt like an outsider, welcome but different.


I am a parent of children with ASD and there are many things in life that I would like to change but my family’s character isn’t one of them.  I want more awareness, less abrasiveness and no questionnaires.


We have met some wonderful people through Aspergers and made new friends but bureaucracy makes it a struggle and this is not how it should be.  To clarify that is no questionnaires!

Now here is a bee made with sari ribbon, barkcloth to die for and vintage blanket.


I am planning to update my etsy shop over the weekend.


life drawing





Sometimes, when things aren’t looking pretty


and you are in the middle of total technological meltdown,

the most sensible thing is to find Mimosa


consider a new dress with bateau neck line and birds all over


look at paintings


observe the grim reaper meeting year 10


stitch some hens

grey henhen

and remember that it is January and it will pass.

aspergers baking cushions family NAS

a great achievement

Currently stitching for Autismcon.

On Jan 17 Daisy and I will be catching the train to Kings Cross and then by tube/taxi/camel*   to Conway Hall for Autismcon

Daisy has been involved in the organisation of this fundraiser for the National Autistic Society since Jan 2014 which, after a lot of time and enthusiasm from a band of committed volunteers, is an event that promises to be a most excellent day.  From midday until 10pm there will be opportunities for sci-fi discussion, drama workshops, music, fashion, role-play and quizzes; lots of activities to try and for those who like to sit and watch there will be cake. Daisy will be selling her mouthwatering brownies and I will be alongside with a collection of cushions, If you are in the locality and have a free hour or two we would love to see you.  Mates Rates apply on all brownies and cushions just mention the blog!

Take a look at the National Autistic Society website; there is a lot of good stuff going on!

If you find yourself there on the 17th do come and say hello.

* If the taxi rank is empty and camels are available (for those who are wondering).