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a great achievement

Currently stitching for Autismcon.

On Jan 17 Daisy and I will be catching the train to Kings Cross and then by tube/taxi/camel*   to Conway Hall for Autismcon

Daisy has been involved in the organisation of this fundraiser for the National Autistic Society since Jan 2014 which, after a lot of time and enthusiasm from a band of committed volunteers, is an event that promises to be a most excellent day.  From midday until 10pm there will be opportunities for sci-fi discussion, drama workshops, music, fashion, role-play and quizzes; lots of activities to try and for those who like to sit and watch there will be cake. Daisy will be selling her mouthwatering brownies and I will be alongside with a collection of cushions, If you are in the locality and have a free hour or two we would love to see you.  Mates Rates apply on all brownies and cushions just mention the blog!

Take a look at the National Autistic Society website; there is a lot of good stuff going on!

If you find yourself there on the 17th do come and say hello.

* If the taxi rank is empty and camels are available (for those who are wondering).

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