aesop embroidery family hare tortoise

straightening up

I need to stretch!

prototype fable cushion on linen

Meet the hare and the tortoise, officially a prototype. My hare is far too far away, race officials would never believe this scenario even with the backing of an ancient Greek so I am starting again, this time I will concentrate and the tortoise will be significantly larger.workspace

The work space is untidy, and that picture…

wonky frost

It has been pointed out to me that my past would not have tolerated that angle for a moment. I think this is it’s third week. However there are murmurings of decorating – in fact I believe Gray Blue No.91 has been ordered.

farrow and ball number 82

Time for a re-hang.

aesop linen totaliser wool blankets

an armadillometer and some badgers

Ten blankets!

Delivered by hand, by vintage Rover, by post, dropped off with third parties and shared with cups of tea.

Totaliser by Daisy

Thank you!


Blankets are already in use,


and sitting well alongside badgers on linen.

linen badgers

Now for a hare and tortoise.