emmaus wool blankets

objet trouvé

We set out in search of blankets

and came home with:

One moon map, one hand painted jug from A.E. Gray, Stoke on Trent, three white cotton sheets, one large cotton cushion cover (habitat), one shovel, various soldering tools, bag of assorted stuff (10p, irresistible), one linen dress, one very comfortable twirly chair,

shopping 2

one map – Dacca to Alice, one large white damask tablecloth,


two 1950’s Shell posters with paintings by John Nash and  Keith Grant,

chair 2

a lot of books and a reel of tickets.

Thank you to the retiring US serviceman having a yard sale; I brought your chair from under you and I am loving it!

emmaus fabric Heals

winter sleep

Ok two weeks in and we are tired!  It’s a symptom of January, and possibly February; rather than feeling invigorated by a New Year full of promise we just want to wake up when Spring arrives. Image

However the reason for this post was not to illustrate ‘Daughter Sleeping Under The Blanket of Calm’ but to show you the most marvelous curtains that I found recently in Emmaus  (I do occasionally shop elsewhere but not often and never first). They are currently draped over the back of a chair that is in dire need of upholstery and general maintenance. The fabric is ‘Armada’ designed for Heals by Nicola Wood,1965,  printed cotton barkcloth all blues, greys and yellow ochre, very lovely.  I am thinking about using some to make this dress but for now am happy to leave them on the back of the chair.


lovely cloth binding, slightly foxed.

PLAYING CARDS The History and Secrets of the pack, W.Gurney Benham

Ever since buying a postcard from the V&A of the King of Hearts woodcut print on card I have thought about stitching some of the images from playing cards

.The Queen and Knave of Spades

Today at Emmaus I was handed a copy of this book, Playing Cards, History of the pack and explanations of its many secrets, published by Spring Books in 1931.

The Queen of Clubs

The illustrations are beautiful and I think lend themselves well to textiles.French and English Hearts

Whether my fingers are dexterous enough time will tell.

Happy New Year!