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And then…

…this happened9A6C3278-DBC7-4EA1-9B00-A308DE8FD0567BC1B200-A948-4837-8F04-2BFE7A12F4B552a43ff1-8cd6-4a0d-8edd-8644b8029f5b4E83C12A-DEFB-4504-AC6F-DCC8CE3E688AB4A508E4-7834-4975-80F3-04F2E31897BF4FB7CD3C-CD4B-4AA3-ADFD-023969A1706E3CBE6C9B-9406-40A9-821F-F4F2812FF375


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A662DDA0-4910-408F-A922-1D170F19A0BDinspirational work at Norwich University of the Arts BA Degree ShowsB4144EC4-C51F-4DBE-B8AA-0CD347D1B414The rest of the week is looking very ordinary.


My brother

Yesterday we drove to St Albans to see my brother being ordained.1BB9EDB0-8B4E-418A-BE51-4E804A47BE7FBB1DB7F7-107C-4583-BFAB-6C21B7D8A687ca903f00-4478-4fef-b08c-a0d20c6628c6.jpeg It was a glorious day with family and friends, there were hats, beautiful light and so much happiness.

with Auntie Sheila and wearing a machine embroidered silk stole


Today, going solo in a clerical collar for the first time, in a bar after work, the barman greets him;

‘Afternoon Father, how are you?’

…’life has changed significantly…’ he tells me.




“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” ― W.C. Fields


Over the land freckled with snow half-thawed
The speculating rooks at their nests cawed
And saw from elm-tops, delicate as flowers of grass,
What we below could not see, Winter pass.

Edward Thomas

Taken from Collected Poems, Edward Thomas, pub. Faber & Faber 1936.

October 2011, I had trapped everyone in the kitchen to help me name my new Etsy shop.   A pile of books on the table and on top was The Fox in the Attic by Richard Hughes, a good contender we thought but turned out to be in use on Etsy already.  After listing a variety of beasts and the places they might hang out, none of which rolled lightly off the tongue, I picked up the second book in the pile and Edward Thomas offered the perfect solution.

Naming can be tricky. When I was not much taller than a parrot standing on a bulldog’s back I was particularly fickle with the names I handed out; apart from Suzie and Cuddly made by my mum, I would happily change the names of all my toys as and when I felt necessary.

When it came to babies the staff in SCBU became increasingly astonished during our two week stay as Baby 1 and Baby 2 remained anonymous.  In our defence they were 6 weeks early and I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of my youth. Baby 3 arrived 30 minutes before his due date and was named in our own time.

Pets have been named in a variety of ways, the first was after a painter, the most recent was renamed, by me, as we pulled away from his previous home. Harsh I know but a much better fit.

Thank you Edward Thomas.


family open studios rooks

back on the wing

After an enforced break I am back in business and it feels very good.  Much has happened in six weeks, we have temporarily relocated, I have almost mastered the aquisition of digital music, there is a new sewing machine, the cat and dog have bonded and I have thanked the gods many times that we are all safe with a roof over our heads, even if it hasn’t always been the same roof.

One day, when we were out, the washing machine caught fire.


We came home, turned off the electricity and went out to buy lots of cleaning products.  We spoke to the insurance company and realised this was a bigger cleaning job than we thought. We arrived at the most helpful, understanding Bed & Breakfast in East Anglia and ate the tastiest breakfasts for 11 days.


The loss adjuster visited and realised it was a bigger job than he thought, the cleaning company visited and said all would be well.  The second loss adjuster visited and told us to find rented accommodation for six months…

A lot of other things happened and we are now in our temporary lodgings which are very good but not our home and this can be hard.

But our landlord has agreed to me continuing with Cambridge Open Studios,

Esther watches over us in the evening,


this isn’t Esther but she is just this beautiful,

the slack line is a perfect fit,


and the Lime trees in the garden are home to a parliament of the best kind.

I think the cleaners are right, all will be well.

To any Osbornes reading this who are feeling less than okay, it will pass with time I Promise.

aspergers cushions family

something about which I feel very strongly and a bee

Autismcon happened last weekend and I found it inspiring and revealing.


The people who work for the NAS, the volunteers, the speakers and visitors combined to create an occasion that will stay in my mind. fen7

Roles were reversed and I felt like an outsider, welcome but different.


I am a parent of children with ASD and there are many things in life that I would like to change but my family’s character isn’t one of them.  I want more awareness, less abrasiveness and no questionnaires.


We have met some wonderful people through Aspergers and made new friends but bureaucracy makes it a struggle and this is not how it should be.  To clarify that is no questionnaires!

Now here is a bee made with sari ribbon, barkcloth to die for and vintage blanket.


I am planning to update my etsy shop over the weekend.

aspergers baking cushions family NAS

a great achievement

Currently stitching for Autismcon.

On Jan 17 Daisy and I will be catching the train to Kings Cross and then by tube/taxi/camel*   to Conway Hall for Autismcon

Daisy has been involved in the organisation of this fundraiser for the National Autistic Society since Jan 2014 which, after a lot of time and enthusiasm from a band of committed volunteers, is an event that promises to be a most excellent day.  From midday until 10pm there will be opportunities for sci-fi discussion, drama workshops, music, fashion, role-play and quizzes; lots of activities to try and for those who like to sit and watch there will be cake. Daisy will be selling her mouthwatering brownies and I will be alongside with a collection of cushions, If you are in the locality and have a free hour or two we would love to see you.  Mates Rates apply on all brownies and cushions just mention the blog!

Take a look at the National Autistic Society website; there is a lot of good stuff going on!

If you find yourself there on the 17th do come and say hello.

* If the taxi rank is empty and camels are available (for those who are wondering).

Christmas cushions drawing family

twelve days

Twelve marvelous days to relax, catch up, drink martinis and speculate about the possibilities.

chrismas cushions
last orders of 2014 being delivered

The Rook has been busy keeping lovely shops supplied with cushions and there has been little time for Christmas prep at home. However, in the last few hours stuff happened and we did it!

The Nativity complete with purple cow, dragons and a penguin, dusted down and in place.

A blue whale on the tree which makes me sing


More glass, this is one of several made by Fred with Sarah Hunt at The Stained Glass Museum, Ely Cathedral.

WP_20141229_009 (1)

And presents wrapped!


There is no cake, iced or otherwise, and I don’t think any mince pies or sherry were left for FC due to the late late wrapping event in which extra nourishment was required. The whole greenery situation is rather meagre and no cards have been sent (sorry people).  But there are satsumas, the pudding was flaming and the bread sauce unsurpassed.

Now there is time to doodle and plan new designs.


Thank you for stopping by, for your feedback and encouragement. Love and best wishes for a joyful, peaceful and prosperous new year.


six weeks





DSCF3413DSCF3390DSCF3387DSCF3386DSCF3366al;sjkdh - CopyDSCF3364 - Copygoshawk


It was a very lovely summer holiday.


a little colour

Our garden has transformed into a jungle while I have been going to the sea, getting caught in the rain, choosing birthday presents, visiting exhibitions, drinking cocktails, watching my boy learn to canter alongside a little knitting and quite a lot of sewing.

I would share photos with you of the green canopy that seems to have taken over this summer, where if you look closely there are mulberries, wasps banqueting on figs, juicy wild plums and their less juicy tame cousins, apples falling into the pond, hazel nuts and the walnut tree…but I haven’t taken any.

Nor have I taken photographs of the bubbles inside our two remaining beautiful Robert Welch wine glasses from our wedding as we celebrated anniversaries this week or the crayfish paper chain. But here are some sunflowers.

sun blog

The light is changing.

birds family school

slow time

The annual bamboo harvest is taking place; mighty stems have been gathered and are waiting to be held aloft, balanced on fingertips, cast into the river or just contemplated.

WP_20140727_009 WP_20140727_012 WP_20140727_013 WP_20140727_014 WP_20140727_018 WP_20140727_020

Meanwhile the Rooks are roosting.  Along the road to the Horse Chestnuts and Limes surrounding the church, at 9.26 this evening, the Rooks returned with exuberance. Flying over our house in huge numbers, an impressive sight.

What I find even more impressive is their artfulness in practical matters; during term time I admire the Corvids on the school field. Every day during lessons they hang out and I intend to set up the tripod and photograph these glossy birds full of character. Last week the opportunity was there, holidays had begun and classes were empty but so was the school field! The rooks clearly know the source of their food and for six weeks the school field is of no interest to them.