badgers drawing East Sussex family holiday

Meles meles

I am thinking about Badgers on cushions.

I can’t remember the exact year but around 1982 I stayed with my mum, brother, cousin, uncle and aunt in a house on the South Downs in East Sussex. On top of the Seven Sisters over looking the English Channel, surrounded by beautiful countryside and a short walk from Belle Tout lighthouse we spent a week house sitting and looking after the resident cats. I think it was eight cats in total but there may have been more, all with different personalities and needs to match. ┬áBut the best thing, the most exciting and unusual thing, happened after dark when a family of Badgers would visit the garden, eat some peanuts, drink some water, play and then leave. Up to five or six badgers, every evening without fail would drop by at around 10pm while we sat in the kitchen with the lights off and watched through the French Doors as they rolled around the lawn playing with each other, for up to an hour and then leave.