And then…

…this happened9A6C3278-DBC7-4EA1-9B00-A308DE8FD0567BC1B200-A948-4837-8F04-2BFE7A12F4B552a43ff1-8cd6-4a0d-8edd-8644b8029f5b4E83C12A-DEFB-4504-AC6F-DCC8CE3E688AB4A508E4-7834-4975-80F3-04F2E31897BF4FB7CD3C-CD4B-4AA3-ADFD-023969A1706E3CBE6C9B-9406-40A9-821F-F4F2812FF375


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A662DDA0-4910-408F-A922-1D170F19A0BDinspirational work at Norwich University of the Arts BA Degree ShowsB4144EC4-C51F-4DBE-B8AA-0CD347D1B414The rest of the week is looking very ordinary.

Good things


This afternoon I had an appointment for a routine check-up at the dentist.Image

Fortunately, after what Mr Mullins has described as a ‘series of unfortunate events’,  teeth have been declared fit and well.


Leaving me free to celebrate on Burleigh Street; the preserve of the second-hand in Cambridge. Daisy and I ended up in Oxfam where the sofa in the book department is comfortable enough to forget where you are.  Our choices piled up, and many Christmas presents have been found.


But I am keeping ‘Fables of Leonardo da Vinci’, beautifully illustrated by Adriana Saviozzi Mazza.