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Pugs, gout and taxidermy


end of the day
Ulas and Merve photographer duo

Back at home with the folks after a tremendous week of cushion dealing at Ely Cathedral Flower Festival 2018. And not just cushions, a new range of screen printed, embroidered textiles in the form of light shades and footstools has been launched and warmly received by all the curious and discerning customers this week. As promised bespoke orders are now being taken.

screen printed embroidered light shades

Rook customers, as well as being both curious and discerning bring with them unusual and challenging requests, gifts of wool blankets, chocolate, strong coffee, fudge and quotes.

And the quotes…

walking past – a double take – ‘they’re slightly more appealing than taxidermy’

and late in the day after a number of hours in the increasing heat of the craft marquee a fellow stall holder on my shiny new footstools…  ’almost worth getting gout for’

In the future I will be offering a discount for gout sufferers.

Now order must be restored in the workroom ready for July’s Cambridge Open Studios. Download the app and come on over, I will be here with the whippet and new work. See you soon.fower festival



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Good to see you

Just before the clock strikes 12 and we all turn into pumpkins or white mice – thank you everyone who called in and said hello at the Norwich Summer Fair today.

From this point you can travel the inter-galactic super highway to find me here and here and here.

On a practical note; birders there will be curlews, godwits, oyster catchers and herons on cushions by the end of the week.

For the people who fancied a flamingo I can’t find the promised photo but flamingos are definitely in the repertoire so I’ll get on with that.

And all those folk who arrived after the bees had sold out there will be new bees at next weekends open studio for sure.

Hope to see you again.









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back on the wing

After an enforced break I am back in business and it feels very good.  Much has happened in six weeks, we have temporarily relocated, I have almost mastered the aquisition of digital music, there is a new sewing machine, the cat and dog have bonded and I have thanked the gods many times that we are all safe with a roof over our heads, even if it hasn’t always been the same roof.

One day, when we were out, the washing machine caught fire.


We came home, turned off the electricity and went out to buy lots of cleaning products.  We spoke to the insurance company and realised this was a bigger cleaning job than we thought. We arrived at the most helpful, understanding Bed & Breakfast in East Anglia and ate the tastiest breakfasts for 11 days.


The loss adjuster visited and realised it was a bigger job than he thought, the cleaning company visited and said all would be well.  The second loss adjuster visited and told us to find rented accommodation for six months…

A lot of other things happened and we are now in our temporary lodgings which are very good but not our home and this can be hard.

But our landlord has agreed to me continuing with Cambridge Open Studios,

Esther watches over us in the evening,


this isn’t Esther but she is just this beautiful,

the slack line is a perfect fit,


and the Lime trees in the garden are home to a parliament of the best kind.

I think the cleaners are right, all will be well.

To any Osbornes reading this who are feeling less than okay, it will pass with time I Promise.