Jelly babies to manual*

Hello there! I thought it was time we caught up. It’s been ages but let’s talk specifically of the last 100 days.

Piper over Cardoons

Throughout the lockdown I have done no baking, very little cleaning, hardly any reading and insufficient stitching. I have walked for miles with the hound, transformed a small part of the garden and enjoyed the green that is the rest, chatted to the new neighbours, bought tasty fruit and veg from the ‘little fruit and veg stall’ created by the other neighbours, eaten delicious fish from Ian the Fish who arrives in his van from Grimsby every Wednesday, and organised the plan chest – a rare event but one that revealed rewarding forgotten treasures.

Plan chest treasure
More plan chest treasure
Brilliant plan chest treasure

I have missed sitting in the Old Fire Engine House garden drinking coffee with friends enormously, visiting galleries, auctions and the ability to search for old pieces of linen, silk and velvet in unexpected places but I expect one day these things will return.

Are you still with me? I am prone to ramble – the point is dates are starting to reappear on the calendar and order slowly restored. This weekend is the start of Cambridge Open Windows; ordinarily July is a month of Open Studios when I do a lot of dusting (ignoring the plan chest) and you come to visit but this year is different. This year artists are showing work in windows all over the country which means you are still able to see what they’ve been making whilst remaining safely distanced.

Throughout July

On August 2 I am on the road to Holt for the open air market being held every Sunday during July and August. And in September I have exhibitions at both CraftCo, Southwold with Kate Reynolds and Snape Maltings with Lyz Gardner.

And then it’s Christmas…

So although balance has been disturbed and time has lost all meaning The Lemon Is In Play*

*listen here while you can


drizzle at first otherwise fair

img_5092The troops have rallied – surviving on emergency rations for days.

The hoover gave up – the new hoover looks scared

Rewards for prolonged period of self-sufficiency so far: new soap dish

Indulgence required before household rebellion.

On my calendar today is written ‘To The Beach’ in pen. Following Christmas fairs on two consecutive weekends and many weeks of preparation a sea breeze was calling.

Ely Cathedral Christmas Gift and Food Fair was a tremendous event. The blue cotton drill hereditary cash bag, handed to me by my wonderful grandparents around 1985 following its retirement from the Alcester WI cake stall, was aired and back in use (an entreprenurial spirit was always encouraged).

And yesterday Histon Handmade, a contemporary design and craft fair with 14 other makers, over 750 visitors, old friends and new, and just 3 cushions left at the end of the day. Happy stats!

The order book is full and there are busy days ahead but today Well-next-the-Sea with a kite.img_5192img_5191img_5185img_5169img_5161img_5154




open studio

It is Cambridge Open Studios time of year.  The first four weekends of July, I will be at home and open. Do come and see me, there will be cushions in abundance, some zippy bags and cake. I will be stitching on the Bernina industrie 850, the whippet will be in attendance and we will have tidied up.

I am number 205 in the COS guide, please note the change of address from last year. we are now back at home. Hooray!


cos 16


life drawing




colour please

There is a lot going on!b4

Yesterday I was in Islington with Daisy. Whilst I was trying not to get too carried away in Raystitch Daisy was helping organise AutismCon. We will be at Conway Hall on January 17 selling cushions and home baked cakes at what promises to be a great event, if you are able do come and see us – there will be free brownies for blog readers!


At the end of the day we met up in the Candid Cafe behind Angel tube station for tea, then the No. 73 bus along Pentonville Road to Kings Cross in the rain. What rain!




There has been a birthday. And I must tell you about The Giggly Goat but right now I have a pheasant and a border collie that need finishing off and some badgers to deliver so that will have to wait.


Christmas reading

The beautiful carving of Gislebertus,

the wise words of Russell Hoban,



the evocative illustrations of A&M Provensen

a&m provensen - Copy

and the spirit of John Burningham.


All under our tree.


super food


It is the season of Brie and Cranberry

toasted sandwiches.